Jim Kenner

A modest pioneer in a sometimes flamboyant industry, Jim Kenner has proven himself to be a brilliant innovator in the pursuit of flying disc excellence. Experimenting with both new shapes and materials, Kenner’s development of a unique line of flying discs has been punctuated with the introduction of disc designs so radical and inventive that they mark a turning point in the nature of the game. Though he could easily rest on his laurels as a pivotal developer of disc technology, Jim Kenner continues to contribute to the growth of disc golf as a consistent supporter and sponsor of events and players

Elaine King

As the four-time Women’s World Champion, Elaine King has dominated and been almost undefeatable on the pro tour. With a stunning number of victories to her credit and many more still to win, Elaine seemingly downplays her ability in an effort to not intimidate other players. Those who play with her find that she is gracious and a joy with whom to share a round of golf. Always exhibiting a professional demeanor, Elaine’s powerful presence on the course evokes a sense of awe even among veteran players. In addition, Elaine King has distinguished herself as one of disc golf’s most dedicated supporters by serving as PDGA Commissioner during a critical transition period and by continuing to work with the PDGA today.