Gary Lewis

Gary Lewis
is a name synonymous with
outstanding performances and extraordinary leadership. Friendly and
energetic, Gary has worked diligently for over twenty years in expanding
the scope and recognition of the sport of disc golf. He has been recognized
as 1984 MDGC Player of the Year and 1988 Course Pro of the Year. He
has designed ten courses and directed more than 75 tournaments. The
success of his events and his support of the players has assured the
strength disc golf in Illinois for years to come. Gary is appreciated
for his achievements and accolades, years of service, valued contributions,
and selfless dedication. Gary…you are “The Man”.

Alan Beaver

Alan Beaver
track record as one of
the world’s premier golfers is impossible to ignore. Since the early
80’s, he has dedicated himself to all aspects of disc golf. His ability
to balance his professional and family life with a busy touring schedule,
while participating in promoting the sport on every level make him an
outstanding role model. Alan’s leadership in Charlotte has made possible
the implementation of ten courses to date. He has been a mentor to several
of the sport’s top ranked professionals. His meticulous preparation
and attention to detail as both a competitor and as a tournament director
are legendary. Throughout his career he has represented our sport in
a most exemplary manner. Without a doubt, Alan will continue to be a
source of pride to Charlotte, to North Carolina, to our nation and to
all disc golfers.