Tim Willis – #1401 Class of 2012

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Few disc golf promoters’ resumes can rival that of Tim Willis. He began directing tournaments in the late 70’s and continues into 2012. Tim co-founded the Sarasota Sky Pilots serving in every elected position multiple times. Tim organized his region as State Coordinator for the PDGA. He co-founded the Fabulous Florida Tour, one of the strongest state-level tours in the North America.  Running as many as six events per year, Willis’ opinionated, but fair guidance has insured the quality of hundreds of events.  Always a giving individual, Tim Willis has been bound to provide a place for Florida disc golfers to shine.
  • HOME REGION: Florida
  • HOMETOWN: Sarasota, Fl
  • BIRTH YEAR: 1958
  • BIRTHDAY: April 2
  • PLACE OF BIRTH: Beverly, Massachusetts
  • Electronics Service & Repair Tech for Amusement and Vending industry
  • Disc Collector w/ 1000+ discs, Avid Baseball fan
  • Founding member Sarasota Sky Pilots DGC #14
  • Member of 10 other DG clubs in Florida
  • Former member IFA, UPA, and any other disc organization I could join!
  MENTORS: Jeff Watson, Steve Slasor, Gregg Hosfeld HOW AND WHEN BEGAN PLAYING DISC GOLF:
  • Began disc sports as an Ultimate player 1977 and NAS series overall Frisbee disc competitor
  • Started playing golf at local parks hitting trees and objects in Sarasota
  • 1st permanent Pole Hole course played; Rockledge Disc Golf Course 1978
  • 1980 joined PDGA at Augusta, Ga NAS golf & distance event
  • My first disc event run in Sarasota 1979 Golf, Distance, and Freestyle
  • Have run most every event in disc sports including Golf, DDC, Discathon, Distance, MTA, Freestyle, and Accuracy
  • Played in 10+ NAS Series Frisbee disc events, mostly when disc golf was featured
  • Attended the first 5 PDGA Worlds, 9 of the first 12 (last one played as Master in 1993).
  • Staff member and one of the course directors at 2001 Am Worlds
  • Served as PDGA Regional Coordinator, Florida
  • Co-organizer of the 1st Florida DG tours in 1984, 85, 86
  • Co-founder of the Fabulous Florida Tour 1999 and still serving as co- administrator.
  • I have mentored many first time TD’s as Fabulous Florida Tour Coordinator
  • and volunteered at countless disc golf events
  • Sarasota Sky Pilots DGC Lifetime Achievement Award winner
  • 3X Sarasota Sky Pilot of The Year
  • TD for 1st PDGA events in Sarasota, Fl. 1982 -1986
  • World’s Biggest events 7 times and Ice Bowl events 5 times in the 1990’s
  • 15 PDGA events for Sarasota Sky Pilots DGC 1997-2012:
  • Springtime Time Open
  • The SSP Open
  • Sarasota Amateur Championships
  • including 6 – A tier events at 4 different courses
  • North Water Tower Park course, Sarasota, Fl – 1994
  • Many temporary courses used for tournaments
  STATEMENT OF PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY AND GOALS: I have always loved throwing a disc. The first time I saw Ultimate played and found out there were other Frisbee tm related events, I knew disc was the sport for me. Over the years I have met and thrown with a lot of great people. The love of this game is the common thread we all share and has been my inspiration to help promote the sport. To play in a well run event was always the most fun for me and what I aspired to make happen at any event I hosted. I have been fortunate to have had a great cast of supporting members to accomplish this. Early in my career I sold discs to support my disc golf habit. One of the things that is most satisfying to me was to hear someone say I sold them their first discs or played competitive disc golf for the first time at one of my events. For me that is what it is all about, the love of the game & the people that play it, and I hope is what my legacy in this sport will be.


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  • Ed Horst


    Congrats Tim.Glad to have met/played in your Florida Tournaments that are just down the road from us in Port Charlotte,Fl.Great bio on your involvement with disc golf.Always look forward to playing at any SSP tournaments,a great club with many friendly disc golfers.See ya on the fairway.


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